35 x 35 times 12

  1. 12 panels of silk marbled at Trudy's studio
  2. Beth and Trudy at Panels
  3. 12 marbled silk panels
  4. Beth and Trudy at Panels
  5. Beth and Trudy at Panels
  6. Close up of silk panels

This is about marbled silk pieces size 35 by 35 inches created for 12 different panels of silk. My lovely assistant, Beth Mueller, used my studio and unique setup to create this very fine series. Each unique piece was mounted inside a large 12 sectioned shelving piece that is placed in her living room.

12 marbled silk panels

12 marbled silk panels

To accomplish this Beth created a detailed cartoon for what the entire assembled image would be like. Her idea was to produce a purplish sky at the top. Under this she a diagonal sweep of  blue and green swirls to represent the sea. At the bottom left other shapes suggest sand shifting.

This was quite an undertaking. It took us five days of work to complete this task. One to prepare the solution and soak the marbled silk in alum. Three to create four squares a day. And a fourth to carefully wash the pieces. A fifth to clean the bath and the many different cups of paints used. We used six times four to produce the various sky, two oceans, and sand sequences.


Close up of silk panels

Close up of silk panels

I think this piece is successful. It takes your breath away when you sit back in front of the piece.

Beth had about a year’s experience with me assisting in my marbling silk for scarves and panels. So she knew what to expect with various hand techniques as one moves tools through the dots of color one lays on the viscous surface. I consider the texture one sees — the speckling — as my “signature”. It is a result of the particular chemistry I use and manipulate to my advantage in my studio. See this very short video of the marbled pieces hanging on the clothes line. Since this is in full daylight the colors are more true than what we took photos of! And enjoy! So have we!

Marbled Silk Panels on Clothes Line for Beth Mueller from Trudy Thomson on Vimeo.

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  1. This project really began several months ago as I watched Trudy work. When I finally was brave enough to tell her what I wanted to do the look on her face was priceless.
    “You want to do what?! You would have to write everything down!”
    Well, we did. I wrote down every step and Trudy had me to do all the swirling as she wanted it to be my piece, but also I think she thought it might never come together. We we both so pleased and excited when the first few scarves started to match. I hope this large work will inspire Trudy to think bigger. I could have never accomplished this by myself and owe a great deal to her experience, her infinite patience, and her willingness to say:
    “Well……ok….I guess we can try…..if that’s really what you want to do……”
    I thrive off her creative presence and I enjoyed working with her. The process of getting the chemicals and the medium just right is complicated. She has engineered just the right water, just the right measuring, just the right studio space, and has just the right setting to work and then bring these beautiful creations to hang outside to dry. Thank you, so much, Trudy, for letting me do this piece of artwork with you.

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