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  1. Laura Gaskin art
  2. Laura Gaskin needlework

The artist Laura Gaskin lives in Fairview, close to Asheville North Carolina. Her work is seen in an amazing number of galleries over the past few years. I think this is because she does highly detailed work that mixes embroidery with quilting, which is the medium she first explored many years ago. The objects and elements found within each piece reference her environment and her sensitivity with extraordinary detail and skill.

Laura is a member of both Piedmont Craftsmen (juried in 2010) and Southern Highland Craft Guild (juried in 2008).

When I first got started on a website for her, I wrote a short poem — a haiku — to honor her work. Here is it..

Everyday objects shift hue
as nature cycles through the seasons.
Stitch and stich through.

To see examples of her work, go to her website which I created to properly frame her work and  description of her art…

Also, if you would like a website made for you, see many examples of sites for artists and well as for other initiatives at my media website.


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