An Artist and An Appraiser

  1. Painting by Susan Rosefielde from Chapel Hill

Susan Rosefielde — who is both an accomplished painter as well as an appraiser — is located in Chapel Hill and is a member of the Orange County Artists Guild.

I would like to take a moment to share with you my experiences with Susan.  Her paintings are delightful, and the various tones and figures are inviting. Her work  would pleasantly warm up any room one was fortunate to hang them in. I had an opportunity to get to know Susan because I did a website design for her. And we both live in Chapel Hill, just down the road from each other. In addition to the fact that we are both members of OCAG, we discovered we had some similar background and experiences because she was raised in New York City, and my mother frequently took me to the city to visit the MOMA as well as the Metropolitan Museum of Art — from the time I was little girl.

Working with Susan on her website was particularly pleasing because she was reflective about the arrangement of space and design which I massaged to compliment her lovely work. Susan expresses herself with the written word as adeptly as she does with the brush. So take a look at her website for a rich exposure to her paintings. And you might also want to take a peak at my website where you can find links to other artists, representing a wide range of work.

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