Tapestry Work by Students

Here is a gallery of various tapestries created by students in my class. It is a thrill to see what they imagination brings forth, once the learn a few basic stitches during my tapestry classes.

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Chevron’s Tickle the Tapestry

Finally finished one of my most elaborate and detailed tapestries titled "Chevron". And its size makes a statement: 34 by 65. Using very fine variegated cotton fiber the colors shift as the pattern scales the face of the piece. Sometimes I let the changes flow as they presented themselves and sometimes I "flipped the scene" [...]

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Unfurl the Tapestry

These two tapestries are created from three different types of fiber. One, the warp which is linen. Taught. Rugged. Good because it does not give as you wrap other type yarn around its structure. Two, one of the wefts which defined the overall pattern is a rough nubby hand-spun wool of irregular fatness -- hence, [...]

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