Korean Wall Fiber Art – Old Engages New

I ran across these lovely samples of Korean Wall Art posted on a Chuping Chen's Facebook page. I am putting this here for inspiration, and hope to someday soon, create some collages from marbled samples of my silk. Though I sure like the gauzy effect that some of these have, so might have to alter the [...]

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Remnants Reign Supreme

I just finished a "tapestry" that mimics a traditional Rya Rug technique using remnant scraps purchased from a rug manufacturer. I just love the variety of lectures, the various colors and the way some strips lay flat while others bunch. And when there is extra fringe I can tuft it up with my fingers! As [...]

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Eco Printing

Eco printing is my latest adventure, and here are many different ways to approach the process. One used most frequently by crafts persons is the steaming or boiling of a rolled up and tightly tied bundle of joy. This can be carefully positioned in a large turkey baster on a rack, or placed in the [...]

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