Fiber Arts

  • Tapestry Work by Students

    Here is a gallery of various tapestries created by students in my class. It is a thrill to see what they imagination brings forth, once the learn a few basic stitches during my tapestry classes.

  • Chevron’s Tickle the Tapestry

      Finally finished one of my most elaborate and detailed tapestries titled “Chevron”. And its size makes a statement: 34 by 65. Using very fine variegated cotton fiber the colors shift as the pattern scales the face of the piece. Sometimes I let the changes flow as they presented themselves and sometimes I “flipped the […]

  • Remnants Reign Supreme

    I just finished a “tapestry” that mimics a traditional Rya Rug technique using remnant scraps purchased from a rug manufacturer. I just love the variety of lectures, the various colors and the way some strips lay flat while others bunch. And when there is extra fringe I can tuft it up with my fingers! As […]

  • Eco Printing

    Eco printing is my latest adventure, and here are many different ways to approach the process. One used most frequently by crafts persons is the steaming or boiling of a rolled up and tightly tied bundle of joy. This can be carefully positioned in a large turkey baster on a rack, or placed in the […]

  • Announcing My Vida Collection

    Announcing my first SIGNATURE COLLECTION of Scarves at ShopVida. To create these patterns I took photos of my favorite hand-marbled hydro-printed silk and manipulated the images in the digital format. These images serves as a start to what I submitted to ShopVida, which is what they print my designs from on their various products, including […]

  • A Loom Plays A Lot Like A Piano

    Trudy Thomson Weaves a Twill Pattern for a Shawl at Her Loom from Trudy Thomson on Vimeo. Have you ever thought about the idea that a loom is a lot like a piano? Both create patterns and percussive sounds. If you play the piano well, you read a musical score — the notation of notes on […]

  • Work from Year of Magical Thinking by Susan Stapleton

    Fly Away with Susan Stapleton

    Susan Stapleton – McLaurin believes it is important to have the imagination to fly. I can relate to that because as I child I would fly above the tree tops and neighborhood houses in my dreams. Now I seek artists that have similar experiences or sensibilities. Susan is one of those artists. She has traveled […]

  • Twill Is Always A Thrill

    A twill pattern is always my favorite. Why? Because the pattern of the weave is more apparent, caused by the over two wefts, moving sequentially from the left to the right.Treadle 1 is tied up to harness 1 and 2; Treadle 2 is tied up to harness 2 and 3; Treadle 3 is tied up […]

  • Uphostery with Shears

    Watercolors with Subtlety

    I just finished a website for a dear friend that is a fiber artist, who creates stunning fabrics for decorative purposes — to wear or for the decor, and knows exactly which brush to lay against which fiber with which paint. With water color as you surely know there is no easy painting over. You […]