• Blogging for the Sake of Art

    Oh yes, for the sake of your art. To enlighten, or to entertain. To make a personal statement and maintain your presence in the eye and ear of the public. A blog is a fresh and friendly way to stay connected to your collectors and admirers of your work. To help you get started, here […]

  • OCAG at University Place for a Spring Show

    Here’s a fab video about a fab show that’s going to be at University Place in Chapel Hill. See you at the reception: May 11th 6 to 9 pm! I will have five different works on display, but do check out what other art you will find! OCAG at University Place Spring 2018 from Trudy […]

  • Slip the Silk Through

    So one of my latest adventures is creating tapestry out of saris that have been shredded into long strains, and are usually made of silk. Various colors winding through various spaces. Here is one of my favorite latest tapestries. I cannot get enough of this and do have many different colors arranged inside my blanket […]

  • Korean Wall Fiber Art – Old Engages New

    I ran across these lovely samples of Korean Wall Art posted on a Chuping Chen’s Facebook page. I am putting this here for inspiration, and hope to someday soon, create some collages from marbled samples of my silk. Though I sure like the gauzy effect that some of these have, so might have to alter the […]

  • Making the Marbling Moves

    Making the Moves for Marbling Now I am obsessed with a new fiber art technique known as marbling. It some ways it reminds me of abstract music, with a rhythm. The reason? To create the designs I use a slow swipe and a gentle pull as I lean over a bath of vitreous solution. I […]

  • Which Way Should the Art Flow?

    I recently helped hang a show that Barbi Dalton and I are hosting together at the Reflection Gallery in Durham. After much consideration we settled on a theme entitled, Water Flows. This is particularly apt for Barbi because she has painted many lovely scenes where water bursts over large boulders and a variety of other scenes […]

  • Canyon Moonlight in Fused Glass

    What’s in A Signature? Digital or Not?

    If you were selling or buying art from a reputable gallery, from an auction house like Christie’s, or even getting an appraisal from the Antiques Roadshow you would want to know that an artist’s signature is authentic. And there would be tons of comparisons to make to other signatures, comparisons of the work to work […]