Unfurl the Tapestry

These two tapestries are created from three different types of fiber. One, the warp which is linen. Taught. Rugged. Good because it does not give as you wrap other type yarn around its structure. Two, one of the wefts which defined the overall pattern is a rough nubby hand-spun wool of irregular fatness -- hence, [...]

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Slip the Silk Through

So one of my latest adventures is creating tapestry out of saris that have been shredded into long strains, and are usually made of silk. Various colors winding through various spaces. Here is one of my favorite latest tapestries. I cannot get enough of this and do have many different colors arranged inside my blanket [...]

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Korean Wall Fiber Art – Old Engages New

I ran across these lovely samples of Korean Wall Art posted on a Chuping Chen's Facebook page. I am putting this here for inspiration, and hope to someday soon, create some collages from marbled samples of my silk. Though I sure like the gauzy effect that some of these have, so might have to alter the [...]

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