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Working With A New Mighty Fine Jeweler

She just moved here from Switzerland and I have just gotten started on her site. This should be intriguing because she wants a most elegant but cleanly defined image. And down the road we will even include video. (Shout out to my favorite, you know who you are!) Here is just one image of her [...]

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Watercolors with Subtlety

I just finished a website for a dear friend that is a fiber artist, who creates stunning fabrics for decorative purposes -- to wear or for the decor, and knows exactly which brush to lay against which fiber with which paint. With water color as you surely know there is no easy painting over. You [...]

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An Artist and An Appraiser

Susan Rosefielde -- who is both an accomplished painter as well as an appraiser -- is located in Chapel Hill and is a member of the Orange County Artists Guild. I would like to take a moment to share with you my experiences with Susan.  Her paintings are delightful, and the various tones and figures [...]

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