Announcing Classes 2014 Offerings

At FernsandFancy studio: 15 Woodside Trail, Chapel Hill, NC

For more details or to reserve a spot, call Trudy Thomson at 919-933-2891 or email her. 

Tapestry/Weaving: For tapestry instruction, create your own tapestry on a frame you keep for future projects; learn both basic and decorative weaves, knots, and finishes.

Class Fee: $150. Plus materials for frame and warp/weft. As a group go together to purchase appropriate weft and warp.

Saturday Jan 18 9:30-12 Supplies, warping frame, presentation on design ideas
Saturday Jan 25 9:30-12 Weft techniques
Saturday Feb 1 9:30-12 Knotting
Saturday Feb 8 9:30-12 Finishing

Shibori/Handpainted Silk:  Create one handpainted scarf and one shibori scarf. Learn to use water-based resist, dyeing inside pattern, creating pleats and wrapping poles.

Class Fee: $150. Plus materials (dye and silk) for two silk scarves: $20.

Saturday July 5   2-4 pm  Design Presentation /Creating Design
Saturday July 12 2-4 pm  Drawing Resist Shapes
Saturday July 19 2-4 pm  Dyeing Inside Resist Shapes
Saturday July 26 2-3 pm Applying Fixer to Silk/Washing

Note that 50% of fee is required to register. I request payment by a paypal invoice sent to your email and with a few clicks you are on board.