Eco Printing

Eco printing is my latest adventure, and here are many different ways to approach the process. One used most frequently by crafts persons is the steaming or boiling of a rolled up and tightly tied bundle of joy. This can be carefully positioned in a large turkey baster on a rack, or placed in the baster is boiling water. To make the design one soaks various leaves in ferrous sulfur and from the bin selects those of interest. Then the crafts person decides where they would like to position the leaves to make patterns. Here is a gallery I created to help us recognize the different types of tree leaves I found on my property that supposedly have enough tannin in the leaf to get good results. Click to enlarge each so you can identify.

Here is an image that shows you what can result from leaves found on my property (with the addition of eucalyptus purchased at the grocery). Remember to self: leave beneath rose petals as well as geranium leaves supposedly print nicely. I have not tried that yet!

Here is a series of effects I photographed while visiting with Suzanne Connors in Florida. We tagged each sample swatch so it would be easy for us to decide which technique one likes best. These are her patterns! And the photo at the top is one of her fine designs that is mirrored, my favorite way to work! This example was most successful, but used leaves from Florida, not NC. However the process and experimentation is pretty much in the same bailiwick!



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