Canvas Wrapped

Acrylic Prints for Contemporary Display

Sample of Thomson's Wrapped Canvas work

Sample of Thomson’s Wrapped Canvas work

In addition to the marbling of silk, I have figured out a way to produce work that can be wrapped on canvas. I work with a company that uses ink jet acrylic paint to print my images on wrapped canvas.  These unique pieces result from my experimentation with photoshop which I use to manipulate original photographs I take of my handworked silk panels. To the right is a small sample of what a single wrapped canvas sized 20 x 16 inches looks like.

Should someone be interested in a larger size, I would be glad to create a piece for them that fits their particular needs and interests.

You can purchase one of these “Marbled Mysteries” at my personal gallery or you can also order them in various sizes at this link.

Click on each image below to see an enlargement…

Here is the first series I created… This grouping is wrapped on canvas stretchers with a depth of 1.5″.

Here is a second series I created …also canvas wrapped but 1.25″ depth and can be framed if one prefers.