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Mandalas for Meditation – Acrylic Prints Printed on Canvas Wrap

As with other digitized work I do, I began this series by cropping a small portion of a marbled silk piece I felt would present itself nicely in a pattern that retains visual interest and expresses itself in an ethereal manner…with wisps and repetitions and crosscurrents. My interpretation of the mandala is not quite as strict as what one might find in descriptions in dictionaries or spiritual practices. I feel in some ways that these marbled effects are actually gentler and more intriguing that many mandalas that can be found in the more strictly traditional mode. With each piece the marbled effect invites gentle contemplation.

Here are a few definitions I found for Mandala.      man·da·la     ˈmandələ,ˈmən-/     noun

In Hindu and Buddhist art: any of various designs, circular or geometric, symbolizing the universe

In Jungian psychology:  a symbol representing the effort to reunify the self.

The Word origin:  from Sanskrit mandala is a magical “disc, circle.”

Each of these pieces which are acrylic printed on canvas are 16 x 16 and accessible in price. One might actually want to position three together in a grouping. And they make lovely gifts for those friends that enjoy yoga and meditation!

Click on each picture to see an enlargement and all the fine details! If you are interested in one, see this link where you can purchase one. (Note that the smallest print —   8 by 8 inch wrapped canvas is $52, while the 16 x 16 inch wrapped size sells for $114.98)

Also, I have purchased one of each so at the larger size so if you want to see one in person contact me.