Marbled Yardage

Based on photos of my marbled silk shawls I have created a series of images that can be printed on fabric. To do this one must work in a much higher resolution, and in my case, I used photoshop to mirror and repeat the basic “figure” up and down and across to create a richer more detailed pattern. This I have used to pay a local fabric shop to print customer yardage using my manipulated imagery. When I order the fabric I charge $20 per yard to use my design. Here are the rates per yard to custom print the fabric…

Basic Cotton Ultra ~ $16/yd plus shipping

Organic Cotton Knit ~ $25/yd plus shipping

Heavy Cotton Twill ~ $29/yd plus shipping

Note: These are just a few of the many types of fabrics I can order from this local custom fabric company!

Here are sample swatches for what can be printed on fabric:

Also,  here are three different things I have sewn using this fabric printed on a basic cotton, a cotton knit and a heavy cotton twill…