Fly Away with Susan Stapleton

  1. Work from Year of Magical Thinking by Susan Stapleton

Susan Stapleton – McLaurin believes it is important to have the imagination to fly. I can relate to that because as I child I would fly above the tree tops and neighborhood houses in my dreams. Now I seek artists that have similar experiences or sensibilities.

Susan is one of those artists. She has traveled with her photographer husband — Pac McLaurin¬†— to such places as Cuba, Mexico, Morocco, France and other exotic surrounds and always comes home with a new perspective. Much of her art work has dealt with Angel themes. Her last series include: Dreams of the Earth and Heaven, Memento Mori, and A Year of Magical Thinking. Her medium is handmade paper. I am fortunate to have one of her earlier works in my library. Visitors always ask,”So who did that?”

So, in honor of Susan and because she has just moved back to Chapel Hill after a decade or so in Valle Crusis, I am dedicating this article and space to her and her work.

Here is a video I created about her Magical Thinking themes.

Enjoy. And after viewing see her website. And welcome her back to Chapel Hill again!

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