Making the Marbling Moves

Making the Moves for Marbling

Now I am obsessed with a new fiber art technique known as marbling. It some ways it reminds me of abstract music, with a rhythm. The reason? To create the designs I use a slow swipe and a gentle pull as I lean over a bath of vitreous solution. I mark up the carefully positioned paints into slices, swirls and whirls. Sometimes the figures look like the result of a slow waltz in 3/4 time, or when more active remind me of a two-step danced across the surface. The rhythms and styles can vary based on the imagination of the touch of the stylus or the start and stop of a comb applied to the surface. There are three reasons I love working with this medium…

One: I love watching the stones appear and expand and then enjoy gliding sticks across the surface.

Two: I love messing with different color combos. Some primarily primary, and some more subdues as secondary or tertiary color combos.

Three: I most love finishing a particular design on day one and then applying another complimentary design on a second day. As a result the product is a true cross current of color, shape, line. This approach requires that the sequence of washing fabric in alum, dripping, and ironing to set the design is followed for each new application of color to the silk. I find it well worth the effort.

To see some of my marbled silk pieces (produced in various sizes from scarves to larger display pieces) see this page on this website.

To see the sample of silk swatches I marblelized recently at Penland School of Crafts, watch this movie I made:

Marblelized Motions from Trudy Thomson on Vimeo.

Then of course there are other examples of my art work as well as presentations about other artists at my media website.
That is another way for me to express myself!

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