Metaphorically Speaking

  1. Judith Ernst carving Large Ceramic Pot
  2. Judith Ernst working on large ceramic pot
  3. Judith Ernst working on large ceramic pot

Judith Ernst of Chapel Hill is a member of the Orange County Artists Guild. We have become friends because she lives close by; it is always a pleasure to drop by her house for tea and see how her latest ceramic creations are evolving. Her exposure to and awareness of Islamic and Indian art is extensive. Her husband is a professor at UNC and is Head of Islamic Studies — so they have traveled extensively to many places which are reflected in various ways in her art. She produces what she refers to as Metaphysical Pots as well as work she named BioGeometry. With each approach her design is patternly, highly detailed, pleasantly repetitive and at times whimiscal. To document her philsophy and her process we spent many hours together while I videotaped her speaking about her work as well as demonstrating the process. Here is the video that shows the detailed elegance of art pots created by Judith Ernst. Her work is a wonder.

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