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I just discovered a delightful new gallery, Naomi Studio and Gallery, which is tucked back into an ally way — around the corner from the ever popular Ninth Street in Durham. Located at an unusual spot that actually offers an accessible and convenient space, you never know what you might encounter: perhaps a wine tasting or impromptu music. After easily parking right in front of the gallery door you step inside a finely appointed gallery space. It welcomes you with an array of art in various mediums, some traditional and some funky and fun. Everywhere you look there is something to catch your eye and it will be hard not to leave without something in hand.


Naomi has a unique talent for arranging the work in memorable ways — visual vignettes invite you to touch and explore each fine piece! Naomi combines her marketing background with her attentive eye to create an environment that properly sets the stage for local art. I was thrilled to see Naomi’s imaginative ways to display arts and crafts. And particularly pleased because my marbled shawls are part of a show this December. The reception for this fine event is December 5th from 5 to 7 pm.


Also, one of my most amicable friends, Emily Weinstein, will have her fine paintings on display. Her work is seasoned and sophisticated, while expressive with her eye and brush. Emily also has many delightful books sharing her many paintings on various popular subjects favored by many — people, pets, and magic places.  Any one of these books make fabulous gifts and would definitely be appreciated this holiday season. Amy has been known to create murals in many local spaces. She also has embarked on a very intensive 25-year handmade book project.

In case you are curious, as I was, you might find the heritage of the gallery owner — Theresa Naomi Writz — most interesting. I discovered that she is an exotic mix of Japanese, Cherokee, Estonian, and Cajun. An artist in her own right, Naomi’s work reflects her Japanese heritage. She works in mediums with high contrast — including charcoal and relief prints — to produce figure drawing and portray studies of nature. Any time you are able to stop by her gallery don’t hesitate to ask her to direct you to the various displays of Naomi’s fine work.

With myself, Emily and Naomi hosting the upcoming reception on December 5th, I know the opening will be lively and fun! Here is a map that shows you the exact location of this studio gallery…


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