New Series for My Fused Glass Inspired by Earth Tones

  1. Fall Reflections
  2. Fall Reflections in Fused Glass
  3. Fall Reflections
  4. Fall Reflections
  5. Fall Reflections in Fused Glass
  6. Fall Reflections

Finally took time to photograph a number of my display items made out of fused glass to be presented during the upcoming Orange County Artists Guild tour, the first two weeks of November. I created this series during the fall of 2012, working with a range of new marblized type fused glass that presented hues that reminded me of fall. The falling and fluttering of many colored leaves, the barks and twigs of trees, and all around earthy color concoctions. This particular piece was a rather intense design where I cut out tree limbs, places them against a lively greenish backdrop representing the landscaped environment, and then cut mirrored pieces of each shape to lay on top of another graduated glass piece of what I felt might be the reflective values of water beneath the trees. To see what I have created so far to be part of this series, view this page of this FernsandFancy website.

PS. Creating blog articles about my crafts still holds my interest. In case you are also an artist, you might be interested in me helping you to create your own blog or website. And even a short video story showing your work. For those purposes see, this website for professional media products.

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