Real or Not?

Thought I should share some pics that represent the two very different styles of a friend that is an artist. He studied art here at the University and taught art in our area. He now has a shop/gallery where he paints while others step in to see his space that has delightful mid modern furniture and accessories. And yes, I actually bought a fab credenza as well as a lamp fixture you cannot take your eyes off of.

But back to his art. Here is what he has to modestly state about his art:

  • “He has been painting for over 35 years and is collected locally and  nationally.  He also taught art to children and adults for over 35 years in St.  Louis and Chapel Hill.
  • Paul’s paintings generally have two themes: abstract based on his observation of nature and “The family Series”, loosely based on his own family and friends.”

The first image seen in this posting shows somebody who is real or sort of. Stylized but surely meant to represent a member of his family.

The second image here is one of his abstracts. Just a distillation of objects, space and time. Actually whether is a painting of a family member or an abstract, he does distill the information to represent what we see. I am always fascinated by artists who can be relatively realistic in their depictions of people or places and then also comfortable breaking way out of that box and arrange various unknown symbols and signs — that obviously mean something deep to the artist and hopefully strike the right chord with the viewers.

See his website at this link!

PS. I redesigned his website per his expert analysis! His work is delightful and he is equally pleasant to work with!


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