As a weaver, tapestry was one of my first endeavors, and has remained a favorite of mine, particularly when hand-dyed and hand-woven wool makes up the composition of the piece. I have made many tapestries over the years, some large, some displayed a range of random techniques, and others expressed a visual idea and were executed as a more straightforward technique in their “stitchery”. These are four small intricate pieces I just finished recently, harking back to an earlier time and joy in my life for simple expressions. These are just a few of the tapestries I have made — most recently. I hope to post other larger ones soon!

These next three use various sized yarns. In the first I used a variegated hand-dyed yarn to weave the spaces between the angled patterns. In the second two the weft is positioned so that the warp actually shows and provides additional detail. The one on the left was created using an interlocking stitch while the one on the right used what is referred to as the “slit technique”.

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