Twill Is Always A Thrill

  1. Blue green wool twill scarf
  2. Blue Green wool twill scarf
  3. bold black and white scarf

A twill pattern is always my favorite. Why? Because the pattern of the weave is more apparent, caused by the over two wefts, moving sequentially from the left to the right.Treadle 1 is tied up to harness 1 and 2; Treadle 2 is tied up to harness 2 and 3; Treadle 3 is tied up to harness 3 and 4; Treadle 4 is tied up to harness 4 and 1. The pattern of treadling is 1,2,3,4.

Here are three distinctive wool scarves I wove during this Christmas season. The first scarf seen above is warped with a variety of wool yarns, a rough handspun wool gold, a smooth worsted green, and a mottled green/gold/grey wrapped with an acrylic black to hold its shape. The roughness and variation in thickness of the mottled colored and gold yarn gives this scarf a waffled and wavy edge, which is fine by me! This scarf is a gift to a dear friend, and might be my most favorite woven item of all times.

The second scarf is a stark and sharp looking black and white of a wool that I found at a local scrap shop. Obviously the yarn from a worthy organic unknown source. The wool is oily and curly. And because all fabrics have memory, the weft of white had been so tightly wound that when I created a series of warp ends it was difficult to pull through the headles. But the preparation was worth it.
bold black and white scarf

This third scarf is a variegated hand spun and knotted wool I consider interesting and I ordered from an online source.

Blue Green wool twill scarf

As you can see, for me, twill is always a thrill!

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