Watercolors with Subtlety

  1. Uphostery with Shears

I just finished a website for a dear friend that is a fiber artist, who creates stunning fabrics for decorative purposes — to wear or for the decor, and knows exactly which brush to lay against which fiber with which paint. With water color as you surely know there is no easy painting over. You have to predict what will mix with what, how to leave some white, and what might nicely bleed into one spot or another.

Well, this is all about Jean. Jean Cerasani. Multi-talented and much more of a perfectionist than I could ever be. I am a broad stroke and she is a refined touch. She is a scientist in that she understands her paints, her dyes, her surfaces. Jean is who I turn to when I am lost in my dye adventures. She is patient. But she is also a true fine artist. Her subject matter is inspired.

Here is her website — created in WordPress — so take a look at the range of her work.

To learn or refine a medium, you might enjoy a class with her, I surely have.

So, take a class from her at Campbell School in the mountains, or enroll your children at Friends School in Durham or the Art School in Carrboro.

Also, if you are interested in a website for your self, I do website design. And live in Chapel Hill so it is easy to work side by side to help shape the look and feel. See this site for ideas for artists.

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