Paper Making & Collage  Workshop  —
Experimentation with Trudy Thomson
~ Handmake your own paper
~ Use your paper to create a collage

Dates Held:  Saturday August 31 , 2-4
Sunday September 1st 2-4

In this workshop you will learn how to make handmade paper using torn bits of paper you have chosen to experiment with, put them into a blender available for each participant in the workshop, and pour the pulped results into a wide basin with a screened mold I provide.

A simple preparation is required prior to the workshop — you tear scrap papers or fine white sketch paper into small pieces to later use in your collage (if you have sketch paper to tear up your collage will be “archival”). You soak your paper pieces in water for 3 or 4 hours and then bring that sludge to the workshop.






During the first day of the workshop, you will learn how to blend the paper into a pulp using a blender. Each person will have a blender available for them personally so there is no waiting around for equipment use. During this process you can add color of your choosing. You are asked to bring one small box of food coloring to add the coloration to your pulp.Then on hand I have many unique elements that can be used as inclusions — …flowers, seeds, glitter, flashy papers.

You will learn how to work with a mold I provide — so your screened pulp mixture can result in your personal statement of handmade paper. 

During the second day you will learn how to incorporate your handmade paper into a collage, and add anything else of interest that I have on hand…ribbon, napkin designs, marbled bits and pieces, yarns. For inspiration you might want to bring along some photographs of landscape scenes, flower, unusual patterns or papers with words you want to incorporate into your final collage project.

The work you see here is a collage of paper created by a dear friend of mine who is a stellar artist — Susan Stapleton! (If you would like to see more of her work or purchase work from her give me a jingle and I will connect you!)

If you are interested in this workshop:

~ I have four work stations available
so once I get four participants the class is closed ~
Call me if you have any questions: 919-923-5022

WHERE: 15 Woodside Trail, Chapel Hill, 27517

FEE: $75

This covers instruction, the inclusions to add to your papers, and of course a “mold and deckle” to catch the pump.  I have the materials needed to create a collage from your handmade paper. 

To sign up contact Trudy Thomson at or call her cell at 919-923-5022 and arrange for payment.