Trudy provides a variety of workshops at her shop in Chapel Hill. These workshops rotate through out the year. Contact her if you want to receive emails about these offerings which include:

Tapestry – which enables you to explore many different techniques for tapestry on a hand-crafted loom, which you take home for future work. The first meeting addresses warping and different stitches to create pattern designs including various  style interlocking and slit techniques. The second meeting addresses ways to embellish your pieces using sumac, and Egyptian knotting techniques.Trudy provides you with warp and a wide range of yarns.

Silk Painting Scarves with Resist and Dye Techniques – where you apply a special resist paint to draw lines and figures and then apply dyes inside the spaces with colors you choose. To get you going, you bring a few pictures with images you like that you can use to spark your imagination. I teach you how easy it is to draw shapes and select colors that reflect your personal style.

Eco Printing with Leaves and background color on Silk Scarves – Trudy shares leaves gathered on her property (and purchased).  Each participant creates a pattern of their design to decorate a long silk scarf.  If you want to try the blanket technique that creates a colored background Trudy shares materials needed for this approach. 


Shibori Wrap, Tie & Dye Techniques on Silk – In this workshop you try various Shibori techniques to create different effects by tying, folding, pleating, and wrapping natural fibers before dyeing. You’ll use twine, ties, clips, bands, rods, and stones or needles and threads. Then use dye to add color around the resist items to create unique effects.


Book Binding using various Japanese techniques and unique paper covers –  Use a selection of decorative Rice Papers including marbled samples for covers. Learn single, double and other decorative stitching patterns. I will provide you with an awl to stab holes into paper folded and placed inside your cover. I provide a choice of fibers to tie the cover and the paper bundles together.

Paper Making and Collage – Experimentation using colored as well as white art papers, work with a sieve created by Trudy, learn how you cut, stack, soak, add color to create a sludge to pour into the container. Trudy provides flowers, seeds, glitter, flashy papers to include in the paper. Learn how to incorporate your handmade paper into a collage of your own design, adding yarn, ribbons and other decorative elements.